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Snapchat Marketing and Advertising Tutorial

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Grow your business and branding using Snapchat tricks and techniques as well as Snapchat Paid Advertising. Reach Generation Z with Filters, Influencer Marketing and More. See Full Tutorial Video at

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Snapchat Marketing and Advertising Tutorial

  1. 1. Snapchat
  2. 2. Audience Mostly 18-35 years olds Millennials and Generation-Z
  3. 3. Register
  4. 4. Audience add contacts from phone
  5. 5. Audience Leverage your existing social media channels. Post your Snapchat username and Snapcode Have social media influencers post your Snapchat Account Influencers can borrow your account for a day and create content on it and bring over their followers Google “Snapchat Influencer” or niche bloggers
  6. 6. Snapcode/Link
  7. 7. Add with Snapcode
  8. 8. Audience Create Instagram and Facebook ads targeting Snapchat users with your Snapcode as the picture to tell people to add you. Use engagement ads and people will screen capture and add you later. Target the right audience that likes Snapchat and niche publications.
  9. 9. Audience Join an Add Party pull up your account screen. Select Add Friends Select Add Nearby
  10. 10. Snapchat Emoji Meanings in Friend List Yellow Heart - best friends, chat the most Red heart - best friends for 2 weeks Baby head - just became friends
  11. 11. Content Create exciting, engaging content Product Storytelling (Branding) Influencer Content Draw over pics, emojis, frames, etc.
  12. 12. Content Fun/Funny Posts, Creative, Inspirational, Entertaining, Interactive or Educational Have employees make fun looking posts Show cool company culture Write some captions or hashtags on post pics
  13. 13. Content Be authentic on Snapchat, not just promotional Vary types of content and keep it updated Behind the scenes content Celebrity snaps/interviews
  14. 14. Content Tell people to screenshot a snap to use as a wallpaper Snap one of multiple choices and you can see how many people screenshot a specific choice Screeshot people are in a green font
  15. 15. Content Memories Upload content (like audience submissions)
  16. 16. Content Create stickers for your audience (cut out the product and place in their stories) Doodle
  17. 17. Storytelling Content Tell stories up to 10 seconds long Videos adding up to 2-3 minutes. (10 snaps) Content can be re used on Twitter or Facebook, etc. Beginning Middle and End to Story (Walk to Event, Watching Celebrity, End of Day) Tap for Stop Motion Animation
  18. 18. Storytelling Content Delete posts not congruent with rest of story Delete your last story so people don’t see half a story Storyboard (especially if working with sponsor) NOT food or selfies or first person event shots of parties or random shots Tease people for the story that is coming on your other social media platforms
  19. 19. Content Add music to snap videos by playing Music while recording (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) spectacles to show perspective. Users can Turn video playback vertical to see hidden stickers or commentary Have different content on IG stories than Snapchat
  20. 20. Call-to-Action Press and Share Audience and push on the snap and share it by press and holding and then select a friend on your list to share
  21. 21. Call-to-Action 24 hour sale Promo code for Snapchat discount (measure ROI) along with Number of Views for post and cost of post Snapback, Screenshot, Message me, Goto, Share this Have a promo URL to a opt in for lead capture App downloads with link to download
  22. 22. Analysis Swipe Down To exit the screen, they can swipe up on your story and you will know your audience exited at that point to see if your audience was interested
  23. 23. Tracking Tracking Followers Drop out Engagement Screenshots Views
  24. 24. Tracking Completion rate Fall out/bounce rate see at what point they drop out to change content story completion rate (typical stories under 10 snaps) How many used and seen the geofilter
  25. 25. Analytics Platform Analytics Swipe up to landing page and convert
  26. 26. Engage Chat Ask questions have them post it on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram with a special Hashtag Have people join in on a Contest Have a fun conversation for your audience to join in
  27. 27. Snapchat Ads
  28. 28. Types of Ads Link to Article - Swipe Up to Read Link to Install App Watch Trailer or Short Film Swipe up to View Website Page
  29. 29. Sponsored Geofilters
  30. 30. Sponsored Lenses
  31. 31. en-US/a/lenses1
  32. 32. Geofilters Buying Geofilters/Lenses can build your brand Reach local users Promote your tradeshow booth Use for community events Event based targeting Buy a geofilter at your competitor’s location to steal their audience Geofilters are overlays with writing or stickers that people can place over their snaps
  33. 33. Work with Influencers Find micro or macro influencers that genuinely love products within your niche Get Press coverage by reaching out to reporters/journalists Have promotional snaps fit the storyline/be congruent Include comment backs and shares in contract with influencers (engagement)
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