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Off the grid - is TV being ignored?

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How much attention does the average TV ad get, and is it true that more and more consumers are off the grid as far as TV is concerned? For more details, see the accompanying blog post -

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Off the grid - is TV being ignored?

  1. "La TV es el espejo del alma". TV is mirror of the soulHow much attention does TV still command, and are consumers moving ‘off the grid’?
  2. (Mitt Romeny’s digital director Zac) “Moffat has latched on to recent surveys that show one in three adult Americans do not watch any "It takes communities of one live television other than sport. million to even start paying back... Theres no point having a He calls that group "off-the- little Facebook community grid"..."Our entire consumption bubbling along. Stick it in TV" habits are changing. But many of Diageo’s Philip Gladman, quoted in the powers that be who determine Marketing Week 22/03/12 TV ad buys dont seem to know this". The Guardian, 14/6/12Who is right?
  3. “A new study has revealed that a huge third of Brits no longer really watch live TV AT ALL. The research commissioned by has found that 36% of people in the UK dont tend to tune into live TV.” Shiny Shiny, 20/3/12The evidence from the UK
  4. However, TV viewers are slowly getting older 2006 2011 CBS ABC NBC Fox 20 30 40 50 60
  5. While the under 25s no longer see TVas ‘essential’ From OFCOM, which media activity would (UK) consumers miss most - for the under 25s: Mobile phones (28%), PC+Internet (26%), TV (23%)
  6. What about advertising?
  7. According to Ofcom, there A stat cited by Mark Ritson are significant levels of ad in Marketing Week 19/1/12, avoidance, especially early talked about 30% of viewers evenings in the room watching an adThere is evidence ads are being ignored....
  8. A study by the US Council for A Thinkbox study said Research excellence found that that 68% of viewers there was neither a tendency to showed some kind of channel hop or leave the room response to TV ads while ads were on...and other evidence they are being watched
  9. Both sets of evidence are right - TV adshave *partial* awareness According to YuMe and IPG Media Lab, smartphones are the no 1 distraction device, but those distractions aren’t total
  10. The Council for Research Excellence study found that distractions were not restricted to ads - its no longer a case of 1st or 2nd screen, but several screens being present at the same timeConclusion - it is no longer accurate to talk about the second screen
  11. Using TV and The likelihood of online together buying or using a results in 47% product increases more positivity by more than 50% about a brand when TV and than using either online are used in isolation togetherConclusion - TV + online together pays off(stats from Thinkbox among medium+ broadband and digital TV users)
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