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B2B Segmentation-Heavy Industry

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B2B Segmentation-Heavy Industry

  1. 1. Example: Segmentation for Heavy Equipment Buyers (Business Customers) Partner Institutional Total System Price Common interest IBM syndrome (Long-term Long-term view Risk averse analytical approach Relationship important Litigous to determining value Open communication Decision making unit Brand sensitive Attitude to Price Deal Seeker Egotists Does research Tough negotiators Acquisition Price Open communicator No relationship (more focus on Relationship – get last look Needy upfront costs One-off purchaser Shop your bid Will mistreat you Commodity Buyer Buyers from Hell Uninformed Want everything Don’t learn from experience Take, take, take Price Tight fisted Should know better is everything Uninvolved in gensets? Independent Customer desire for High Maintenance pre & post sales support
  2. 2. Key Market Segmets High end (Brand, Quality) Partners 20% Institutional 11% Low High Support Support Deal Seekers Egotists 20% 10% Commodity Buyers Buyers from Hell 26% 13% Low end (Price)