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  1. 1. ERNO LASZLO Marketing Campaign “Endless Journey, Timeless Beauty.” Presented by Evi Hsia •Debby Cheng•Karen Chiu
  2. 2.   1   Dear Ms. Caballero, Erno Laszlo has long been a mythical secret to beauty since 1927. Its client list features glamorous celebrities through the generations, and has yet to stop expanding. The launch in a Southeast country is a crucial step to reach this thriving market, which contains Singapore, one of the economic leaders in Asia; and relatively rich emerging markets, such as Malaysia. Among these markets, we strongly recommend: SINGAPORE, YES PLEASE. Considering the fact that Erno Laszlo targets affluent women at the age of 25-40, we see a strong market potential in Singapore due to the following reasons: l Compared to Malaysia, Singapore provides a larger customer base for Erno Laszlo, which targets women of higher class. It is a highly developed and successful free market which has a higher GDP per capita than Malaysia. Also, it has the second freest economic freedom in the world, and the efficient regulatory framework enables brands to enter with little impediment. The stronger performance of luxury goods in 2013 can also help push the sales of Erno Laszlo’s premium products. l The skincare market in Singapore is on a promising rise. According to a latest research from Euromonitor International, beauty and personal care grew faster in retail terms in 2013 than in 2012. It “marks a sustained and accelerating growth pattern for this category.” Also, since Singapore is a major and sill thriving trading hub for international players in the beauty and personal care sector, it is beneficial for Erno Laszlo to start from this country and look to further expansion in Southeast Asia.
  3. 3.   2   l The Singapore Cosmetic Market Forecast to 2017, conducted by RNCOS, identifies the rising beauty concerns and high spending on cosmetic products in Singapore. According to the British Chamber of Commerce’s report, younger Singapore consumers are becoming increasingly image-conscious and more knowledgeable about beauty care. Starting early to prevent aging, they are willing to invest in products that promise supple and glowing complexion. l Comparing the cultural dimension of Singapore and Malaysia, we found that the main difference is their attitudes toward long-term orientation. While Singapore scores 72, Malaysia only scores 41. In contrast to Malaysians, who tend to expect quick success, Singaporeans support long-term investment. This concept coincides with Erno Laszlo’s prestigious heritage as the authority of skincare since 1927. COMPETITION Singapore is definitely a hot spot for the premium cosmetics market. Erno Laszlo’s key competitors are “those focused on the luxury end of spectrum,” including “L’Oreal, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, and LVMH” ( According to Euromonitor, L’Oreal remained the leading player in skincare with a value share of 15% in 2013. In addition, “there is a rising competition between international and regional brands, particularly ones from South Korea and Taiwan.” The regional brands’ familiarity with Asians’ skin type as well as media influence can explain their rising popularity. Although the market Erno Laszlo is going to enter is a rather competitive market, this brand can win over consumers’ hearts by its legendary products and exclusive brand image.
  4. 4.   3   EXECUTION CONCEPT As an authority of skincare brand since 1927, Erno Laszlo doesn’t build its reputation just in one night. After a careful analysis, our team believes the key success of Erno Laszlo is the founder Dr. Laszlo’s belief and ambition in beauty, which truly elevates Erno Laszlo to become a prestigious brand. Moreover, its long heritage enhances both brand equity and ethos in the skincare industry. Therefore, the core concept of our execution plan is Journey, with a tagline of “Endless Journey, Timeless Beauty.” On behalf of Dr. Laszlo, we invite Singaporeans to begin a historical beauty journey with the brand. Aiming to gradually discover the beauty secret that has lasted nearly a century. MARCHING TO SINGAPORE Since Erno Laszlo plans to tap into Singapore, an informational announcement is a necessity. We recommend that Erno Laszlo hosts a press conference to generate both press and consumer awareness. The means of it can be listed in four: l Boost brand exposure as well as awareness. Work with a local PR agency to exploit its local knowledge and networking with the press. Also, using a local celebrity to endorse the brand. For instance, Stefanie Sun who is a well-known 36-year-old Singapore singer and fashion icon in East Asia. With this approach, we will not only set a tone and quality for the brand itself, but also expand the media coverage in lifestyle, beauty and fashion sectors as well as in the entertainment sector. l Introduce product and invite first-hand experience. Since Erno Laszlo is a brand with not only advanced products but also unique beauty ritual—Splashing Technique— product education matters. By inviting local bloggers as well as Instagramers to experience the high-end quality of Erno Laszlo, we can exploit
  5. 5.   4   their social media influence to spread by word of mouth in a subtle and user-oriented way. Also, the press conference should take place in a relatively high-end hotel, such as Mandarin Oriental, a five-star hotel with eastern atmosphere, to create the sense of a high-quality brand. l Showcase the brand insights and future plans for Singapore. A press conference can be a great platform to showcase the brand’s enthusiasm of tapping into a new market as well as announcing future consumer events. l Gather footage from the press conference for further promotions. INSTAGRAM IS THE NEW FAME The social ecosystem is steadily growing. Hence, we must be more strategic than ever when engaging with consumers across social networks and devices, especially in choosing the right medium. With this in mind, we choose Instagram as the main platform to conduct our social media events to improve social engagement. According to a social media interaction report released by Forrest Research, the top brands’ Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate by 4.21%, which is 58 times more engagements per follower than Facebook. Compared to Facebook, Instagram contains appealing photo-oriented content, which makes it clearer and easier for users, and avoids the distraction from advertisements. However, we still cannot neglect the dominant status of Facebook in Singapore. Therefore, we position Facebook as an information release platform that plays a complementary role for Instagram, especially on text-content and long video release. LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN l Localization, get closer to customers. We apply the map of Singapore to a game. The map is not only the necessity of a journey but the way to localize Erno Laszlo into this country. By using the map, which includes the landscape and
  6. 6.   5   tourist sites, we increase the opportunities for Erno Laszlo to get access to Singaporeans. l Classic stories, novel technology. We also combine the stories of Erno Laszlo and classic celebrities’ quotes about the brand into the game. These classic stories are the important properties of Erno Laszlo and will be one of the advantages that compete with other competitors. For a customer who doesn’t understand Erno Laszlo, the stories of the brand will be the best way to get familiar with it. Furthermore, we don’t just tell the classic stories, we want the participants to feel them. To achieve this concept, the “cinemagraph,” a photograph in which a minor or repeated movement occurs, is a perfect tool for them to feel the stories. For example, in a cinemagraph, you can actually see Dr. Laszlo writing the formula for his upcoming products. The quality of the cinemagraph is like a short movie, but the budget is way lower. See the examples of “ Cinemagraph” in l Rules of the game: Ø Step 1: Combining the map and cinemagraph, this game will be like a puzzle. We post one cinemagraph on Instagram a day, and the background of each cinemagraph will be a part of the map. There will be 21 pieces in total as the illustration below, which represents the 21-day-journey.
  7. 7.   6   Ø Step 2: During the journey, the participants need to click each cinemagraph, which will connect to the event site. Each participant needs to register for membership, then the website will collect each piece of the map automatically for the participant. By the sign-in process, we can collect the consumer data for future marketing analysis and event promotions. (See the illustration below.) At the end of the game, participants need to collect ten pieces of the cinemagraph, and the first fifty participants completing the puzzle will receive the supreme one-day Erno Laszlo skincare therapy from our prestigious NYC institute crew. Moreover, for the other eleven pieces on our Instagram, it will include a code for participants in exchange for a free sample from the retail stores. (See the illustration below.)
  8. 8.   7   Timetable Date Title Content 6/5 Press Conference Ø Invite local celebrities to endorse Erno Laszlo. Ø Product education: Invite local bloggers as well as Instagramers to experience the high-end quality of Erno Laszlo. Ø Promote upcoming events of Erno Laszlo. 6/6 Blogger Endorsement Part 1 The bloggers and Instagramers who were invited to the press conference post product information and the whole process of the press conference on their blogs or Instagram. 6/6 | 6/26 Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) Part1 6/6-6/13 Ø Position of advertising: Timeline Ø Content: This advertising which includes the information and short clip of this event. It will be connected to the game site. Facebook PPC Part2 6/14-6/26 6/6 | 6/26 The event on Instagram Ø Participants: Click each cinemagraph everyday and connect to the event site to collect ten pieces of the puzzle. Ø Winners: The first fifty participants completing the puzzle win the game.
  9. 9.   8   6/6 | 6/26 Sampling Events By clicking the other eleven cinemagraphs, Participants can receive the codes, in exchange for a free sample from the retail stores. 6/11 | 6/26 Blogger Endorsement Part2 Invite local bloggers and Instagramers to be the participants, who play the game and write about the information of the game on their blogs. 6/27 Press Release Ø Announce the winners of the game. Ø Announce the effects of the game. Ø Inform the audience of upcoming events. REFERENCES "Beauty and Personal Care in Singapore." Beauty and Personal Care in Singapore. Euromonitor International, 1 June 2014. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. <>. Cinemagraphs. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. <>. "Compare Malaysia vs Singapore." Malaysia vs Singapore. FindTheData. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. <>. Elliott, Nate. "Instagram Is The King Of Social Engagement." Nate Elliott's Blog. Forrester Research, 29 Apr. 2014. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. < gagement>. "Market Research Analysis Industry Singapore Cosmetic Market Forecast to 2017 Latest Reports Company India." Reports. RNCOS Business Consultancy Service, 1 Aug. 2013. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. < st-to-2017-IM619.htm>.
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