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Keynote capitals india morning note 20 november-12

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Keynote capitals india morning note 20 november-12

  1. 1.    India Morning Note a  Tuesd day, November 20, 2012 2Dom mestic Markets Snapshot t V Views on ma arkets today y Nam of Index me 16-Nov 19-Nov Change • The BSE Sensex inc E creased 29.6 points or 0.16% to 63 r Sens sex 18,309.37 18,339.00 1 0.16% close at 18,339.00 and Nifty50 down 2.65 points or 0 5 CNX Nifty 5,574.05 5,571.40 -0.05% 0.05% to close at 5,571.40 le by stocks of Auto, ed s BSE Mid-cap 6,658.33 6,598.99 -0.89% BSE IT 5,669.38 5,653.56 -0.28% FMCG an Capital go nd oods. BSE Banks 13,020.82 13,004.92 1 -0.12% • India’s la argest car m maker Maruti Suzuki gain ned 3.87%,FII Ac ctivity (`Cr) followed by Bharti Airtel. Date e Buy Sell Net • Bharti A Airtel surged 3% and 12.5% in five sessions e 16-Nov 3,086 2,299 787 15-Nov 3,741 3,557 183 after 2G spectrum a auction got over and Cre o edit Suisse Total Nov l 25,837 21,702 4136 has upgr raded the sto to "outpe ock erform". 2012 YTD 2 574818 475802 99016 • Among t oral indices, nine sectors closed in the 13 secto sMF A Activity (`Cr) negative while remaining fou sectors closed in e, ur Date e Buy Sell Net positive. Top Gainers: BSE Auto surged by 1.04% and 15-Nov 381 677 -295 BSE FMC gained by 0.87%. Top Losers: BSE CD down CG y p E 13-Nov 28 11 18 by 1.14%, BSE CG down by 0.83% and BSE HC G d Total Nov l 3,793 4,677 -884 2012 YTD 2 104028 120763 -16743 snapped by 0.75%.Global Markets • Market breadth was negative a ~0.60x as investors b s at s Latest Valu ues Change (%) C sold larg cap stocks. On prov ge visional basi FII sold is, DJIA 12,5 542 -0.23% equity of `0.02bn an domestic institutions s f nd sold equity Nasd daq 2,8 837 -0.34% of `5.02b in cash se bn egment. Nikke ei 8,9 996 1.88% Hang Seng g 21,2 200 0.42% • Asian stocks rose today, following the e US and* as of 8.25AM IST f European counterpa n arts on hope than an a es agreementCurre ency Snapsh hot to avert the so-calle fiscal cliff will be rea ed f ached, and after upbeat reports on home-b s builder sent timent and Future contract RBI Latest Previous existing-home sales. expir on re Reference R Quote Close 27/11/12 Rate India Rupee per $ an 54.86 55.11 54.97 • We expe a positive opening fo the Indian markets, ect or n India Rupee per € an 70.19 70.34 70.16 sian stocks and short following the cues from the As g India Rupee per £ an 87.26 87.50 87.50 covering. India Rupee per ¥ an 67.47 67.84 67.65 Economic and Corporate Developm a ments* NSE Exchange • The Reseerve Bank directed bank not to give loans for ks purchase of gold in any form, in e ncluding prim mary gold, bullion and jewellery, to dissuade peo ople from indulging in speculat g tive activity.Keyno Capitals Research ote (research (+9122-3026 66000) Keyno Capitals R ote Research is also available onBloom mberg KNTE <GO>, Thom mson One Ana alytics, Reute Knowledge, Capital IQ, and sec ers Keynote Capi K itals Institutio onal Research - winner of “India’s Best IPO Analyst Award 2009” by MCX-Zee Business h t ” e To unsubscrib from this m T be please reply to unsubscribe@keynoteca mailing list, p
  2. 2.    TOP GAINERS G Buzzing St tocks(BSE A-Group) Previous Current Change • The Unio home min on nistry has allowed Essar PortsBSE r Company Name Close(`) Price(`) (%) Maru Suzuki uti 1438.9 1494.6 3.87% -2.38 % and Adani Ports to bid for the mega o Astra azeneca 1408.55 1453.8 3.21% Phar containe terminal project in C er Chennai, cle earing the Bhar Airtel rti 301.1 309.8 2.89% Mcleod Russel 314.85 323.75 2.83% decks fo the shippi or ing ministry to begin the process J&K Bank B 1320.2 1357 2.79% of award ding the 4,00 00-crore proj ject.(BSE Mid-Cap) E • National Aluminium has suspen nded operations at its Previous Current Change Company Name uxite mine in eastern Ind as its min only bau n dia ning lease Close(`) Price(`) (%) Honeeywell Auto 2858.35 3315.7 16.00% has exp pired, Ansum man Das, cha airman and m managing Astra azeneca 1408.55 1453.8 3.21% Phar director. VST Inds 1835.6 1893.1 3.13% HT Media M 97 100 3.09% • Contract tual workers of Hindusta Paper Con s an nstruction Mcleod Russel 314.85 323.75 2.83% Limited (HPCL) resorted to indef finite strike t protest toTOP LOSERS L against non-paymen of their du salaries. nt ue(BSE A-Group) • Uttam G Galva group has acquir p red majority stake of y Previous Current Change Company Name about 58.35 per cen in ailing L nt Lloyds Steel and plans Close(`) Price(`) (%) L&T Finance Hol 83.55 75.55 -9.58% to invest additional Rs 380 crore in the stee e elmaker to TATA AGLOBAL 173.45 163.95 -5.48% JPPOW WER 37 35.35 -4.46% und the company. turnarou REC 225 215.7 -4.13% • The Coa Ministry h al has asked f for forfeiture of Bank e Dish TV India 78.35 75.25 -3.96% Guarant tee (BG) of Rs 11.8 c f crore with r regard to(BSE Mid-Cap) E Gondhka coal bloc jointly allotted to Maharashtra ari ck Previous Current Change Company Name Close(`) Price(`) (%) Seamles ss, Dhariwa al Infrastruc cture and Kesoram Tuni Textile 235.45 218.1 -7.37% Industrie Ltd. es Sinte Inds ex 63.95 60.05 -6.10% Amte India-$ ek 108.25 102.2 -5.59% Gateway Distr 138 130.3 -5.58% TATA AGLOBAL 173.45 163.95 -5.48%Keyno Capitals Research ote (research (+9122-3026 66000)
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