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Repaso: descripción y nacionalidades

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Module 2 revision and assessment

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Repaso: descripción y nacionalidades

  1. 1. Miércoles, 14 Noviembre DO NOW: 3 vivos two people finishing first ENGLISH1. Copy the Spanish with the English translation 1.I am from Englanda) ¿Cómo eres? 2.I am Englishb) Tengo el pelo rubio 3.I have blond hairc) ¿De dónde eres? 4.How do you lookd) Soy de Inglaterra like?e) ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad? 5.I am from Scotlandf) Soy inglés 6.What is yourg) Tengo los ojos marrones nationality?h) Soy de Escocia 7.I have brown eyes 8.Where do you come from?
  2. 2. Miércoles, 14 NoviembreRepaso•To identify vocabulary for differentcountries/nationalities (L1A)•To demonstrate how to use differentadjective rules(L2C)•To understand how to record ourlevels for speaking and listening(L2B)
  3. 3. Starter: what number is it? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Tengo el pelopelocorto,Soy pelirroja. yyylosojos verdes. Tengo elel pelo corto,liso yy yrizadoy los ojos azules. Tengo elpelo rubio, largo y negro los ojos verdes. Tengo corto, liso negro largo, rizado y y rizado los ojosmarrones. largo, negrocastaño rizado rubio liso azules. grises.3 of 37 © Boardworks Ltd 2005
  4. 4. EscuchaListen and match up each person with the correctpicture.1234
  5. 5. Listening assessment (copy title in your book)What eye and hair colour do these people have?Copy and fill in the grid. You can write the colour inEnglish. EYES colour HAIR colourMarta 1. 2.Jose 3. 4.Carmen 5. 6.Oscar 7. 8. correct answers: ___/ 8
  6. 6. Look at the NC Levels for listening at the front of your book.Listening• Level 1: I understand instructions, questions and short phrases with the help of repetition, mime or pictures. 1a : 1- 4 correct answers• Level 2: I understand a range of phrases, sentences & instructions with some repetition and respond using words or actions. 2c : 5-6 correct answers 2b: 7- 8 correct answers
  7. 7. Speaking assessment (copy title in your book)In pairs, create a conversation. Include thefollowing:1.How do you look like?2.I have black hair and I have blue eyes3.Where do you come from?4.I come from Spain5.What is your nationality?6.I am SpanishHigher level 2 - Adding « y» , changing nationalityand adding more details for description
  8. 8. ¿De dónde eres? COUNTRY Where are you from? Soy de Irlanda ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad? NATIONALITY What is your nationality? Soy irlandesa
  9. 9. Now, Look at the NC Levels for speaking at the front of your book. Speaking• Level 1c: I use single words or short phrases. I need repetition for correct pronunciation• Level 2c: I use short set phrases or sentences. I say things clearly but still need support.Higher level 2b - Adding « y» , changing nationality and adding more details for description
  10. 10. Revisitamos los objetivos•To identify vocabulary for differentcountries/nationalities (L1A)•To demonstrate how to use differentadjective rules(L2C)•To understand how to record ourlevels for speaking and listening (L2B)
  11. 11. Independent learningCreate a power point presentation where you have2 slides. Send it to Ms. Rivas or print it.Cover and title: ME PRESENTO Hola ! Me llamo …… y tengo …... Años (your age)First slide title: MI PELO Y MIS OJOS + NICE PICTURE Tengo el pelo …… También (also) tengo los ojos …..Second slide title: MI NACIONALIDAD Soy de + (Inglaterra,Ghana…) Soy + nationality (inglés(a) – americano (a) , granadino (a) jamaicano (a) ¡Hasta luego, amigo !