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Mobility to Bulgaria

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2nd mobility for the Erasmus + and eTwinning project "United in Diversity through Stories in Europe".

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Mobility to Bulgaria

  1. 1. Second Transnational Meeting Sofia, Bulgaria March, 2015
  2. 2. Lunch with Vily and Roza, our Bulgarian friends and hosts…
  3. 3. Welcome by the Students Welcome by the Headmistress
  4. 4. Visit to the School Narodni Buditeli, in the district of Mladost, Sofia
  5. 5. Lunch time, at the school canteen.
  6. 6. Tour to Sofia
  7. 7. “Concert of the Bulgarian talents and their students” at the Hall of the Military Academy
  8. 8. Meeting with the Mayor of the district of Mladost
  9. 9. Story presentations Drama presentation of the Bulgarian Winter Story The Bulgarian student who read (and quite well, by the way!) the Portuguese Winter Story.
  10. 10. The election of the representative project logo The winning logo, created by the Bulgarian School.
  11. 11. Project Discussions
  12. 12. A visit to the Boyana Church, Unesco World Heritage A trip to Vitosha mountain
  13. 13. Dinner at a typical Bulgarian restaurant, with live music
  14. 14. Typical Bulgarian Dances But not only !
  15. 15. Thank you for your reception… Good-bye! See you soon…