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Special Education Taskforce Update

October 12, 2012

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Special Education Taskforce Update

  1. 1. Press Release Vista Unified School District Superintendent Devin Vodicka, Ed.D. For Immediate Release Special Education Task Force Defines Their ChargeAll of the students of Vista Unified School District deserve the highest quality of education. ASpecial Education Task Force has been commissioned by the Vista School Board to meet onetime a month from August 2012 to May 2013 to analyze the current status of the SpecialEducation program and to define an instructional delivery model that will ensure all studentsreceive the highest level of service and support to meet the challenging demands of college andcareer. The task force is comprised of representatives from all constituency groups includingteachers, parents, and administrators.The task force has already completed two meetings in August and September. During the initialmeetings, representatives determined that the charge of the Special Education Task Force is todefine a model for instructional delivery that promotes high quality teaching and learning and ismonitored through multiple measures of student achievement. The task force process willculminate with a Special Education Strategic Plan that will identify service priorities in thefollowing areas: Student Identification, Instructional Program Delivery, Leadership and Staffing,Communication, and Program Monitoring.“I’m proud of the work the Special Education Task Force has accomplished so far,” statedDirector of Special Education Peggy Mazzarella, “but this is only the beginning of what we willaccomplish together.”For a schedule of events related to the Special Education Task Force, please contact the SpecialEducation office at 760- 726-2170 ex. 2257 go to the VUSD website at toaccess the talking points from the first two task force meetings.Curriculum and Instruction, 10.7.12