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Enterprise UX 2015 Recap

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Lean Engineering, Lean UX, and Additional Takeaways. Slide material from @billwscott and @jboogie --among other EUX 2015 speakers

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Enterprise UX 2015 Recap

  1. 1. Recap: Enterprise UX 2015 Lean Engineering, Lean UX, and Additional Takeaways Slide material from @billwscott and @jboogie --among other EUX ‘15 speakers Stephen M. James • @tweetllama • Enterprise UX 2015 Recap
  2. 2. Design for throw-away-ability Change is the norm. Majority of the experience code is thrown away in a year. UI = experience layer = experimentation layer UX is not about delivering documentation. It’s about delivering experience.
  3. 3. Engineering is traditionally about engineering, not about learning. Most organizations have a culture of delivery. Cultivate a culture of learning.
  4. 4. New features are barnacles. Can’t get them off, once they’re on.
  5. 5. We want great experiences. More or less features doesn’t matter. If an engineering teams is not trying to solve the learning problem, they often see prototyping as outside of engineering. Make prototyping a first class member of your tech stack.
  6. 6. Give agile a brain. Agile is a machine. It will crank stuff out. It could be good stuff or bad stuff. Story in agile and story in UX are different. At Netflix, the customer needs weren’t soaked in actual exposure to customers - that’s where the UX team comes in. The customer is the brain. We are the voice of the customer. People -> people’s outcomes -> features [LAST!] UX runs ahead of the agile team - a few weeks. Prototype, then transition to production release.
  7. 7. Lean UX
  8. 8. Lean comes from manufacturing and is about ridding a process of waste.
  9. 9. Work in small batches. You are always moving from doubt to certainty.
  10. 10. You are solving a problem, not building a solution.
  11. 11. Don’t let secondary competencies escape your company. What talents are you hiding? Don’t limit folks to their title.
  12. 12. MVP smallest feature set to test hypothesis How ‘bout some fake features + sign up to learn more?
  13. 13. First edition of Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX had feature first in the sentence.
  14. 14. Updated version: [PERSONA] will have [OUTCOME] because of this [FEATURE]. Focus on the outcome before opening Sketch, Illustrator or Photoshop...
  15. 15. POSTSCRIPT [slides that just had to be included]
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Use and know the product you are making. The whole UX department should be "product certified" if possible. Familiarity of products (and not just your own) will eventually create consistency. Idea: Create a task script created by each application’s designer for everyone to complete.
  18. 18. Thanks for listenin’