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Business overview

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Business overview

  1. 1. Business Overview June 2013
  2. 2. 95% of Mexican companies are SMB s and lack of Networking and Loyalty experience +500,000 SMB´s in Mexico
  3. 3. OUR BACKROUND • More than 5 years in Sales and Customer service business consultation • We have developed and operate loyalty platforms for a few SMB s • Entrepreneurs and pationate in solving problems for businesses
  4. 4. Opportunity on sight Problem = SMB s struggles building networking and customer loyalty Solution = Develope a Loyalty Program where SMB s can retain and share customers
  5. 5. Business Model Business A Business B Business C Cloud Networking and Loyalty platform Is a Loyalty Program that allow SMB´s give points and personalized rewards to their best loyal customers and customers can use their points at any partnered location making networking between businesses simple and easy.
  6. 6. More of Business Model • Transactional Fee: 2.5% / Sales • We provide an Integrated solution (Software, Cards, Support, Subscribers (Potential new customers), Marketing Strategies, Customer Data) • We focus in partnering with leading companies. • We agree signing *geographic protection * Within 1.5 Km, has more tan 3 locations and is a leader in their business category.
  7. 7. Why we are different? Loyalty Program Payback PingStamp Us Users Subscription Friction High Medium Low Target High Class consumers Medium high consumers Medium and Medium high consumers Facebook integration Nop Yes Yes Hardware investment needs Nop Yes (Tablet) Nop Networking friction Medium High Not at all User engagment Low Medium High
  8. 8. Growth Pathway 2013 • Nail our Business model localy (Chihuahua) 2014 – 2016 • Going out for 10 most growing states in Mexico 2017 -20120 • Going Global
  9. 9. Customer Engagment Strategy For Users • Social platforms integration • Great Rewards • Community interaction • Business/ User interactión For Partnered Businesses • Sales and Revenues • Customers base growth • Market Data • Social media interaction
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