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Foro Innova Valladolid 2015 - Jorge Remuiñán

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Jorge Remuiñán, Dirección General de Redes de Comunicación, Contenido y Tecnologías de la Comisión Europea.

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Foro Innova Valladolid 2015 - Jorge Remuiñán

  1. 1. El Mercado Único Digital Xurxo Remuiñán, DG CONNECT
  2. 2. Digital Single Market 2 e-Commerce Evolution of total and online retail sales in goods in the EU, 2000-2014 (EUR billion) Source: Duch-Brown and Martens (2015) 0.0 50.0 100.0 150.0 200.0 250.0 2700.0 2750.0 2800.0 2850.0 2900.0 2950.0 3000.0 3050.0 200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014 Total Online (right scale)
  3. 3. Digital Single Market 3 Integration of Digital Technology: SMEs selling online In Spain 16% of SMEs sell online (15% in the EU). 4.5% of Spanish SMEs sell online to other EU countries (6.5% in the EU). Source: Eurostat - Community survey on ICT usage and eCommerce in Enterprises
  4. 4. Digital Single Market 4 Summary of existing EU consumer contract law rules CONTRACT LAW RULES TANGIBLE GOODS DIGITAL CONTENT Pre-contractual information Fully harmonised rules Fully harmonised rules Right to withdraw Fully harmonised rules Fully harmonised rules Unfair contract terms Minimum harmonisation EU rules Minimum harmonisation EU rules Conformity Minimum harmonisation EU rules No EU rules Remedies Minimum harmonisation EU rules No EU rules Delivery Fully Harmonised rules No EU rules Damages No EU rules No EU rules
  5. 5. Digital Single Market 5 e-Commerce in the EU Household Appliances Footwear Clothing Consumer electronics Most expensive country MT = 147 DK = 129 SE = 121 MT = 116 Cheapest country HU = 74 BG = 73 HU = 70 CZ = 85 Difference 73 56 51 31 Cheapest country/most expensive country, in % 50% 57% 58% 73% Differences in price levels for consumer goods across the EU (EU-28 average=100) Source: Eurostat 2015, Statistics explained, Comparative price levels of consumer goods and services
  6. 6. Digital Single Market 6 Digital Single Market 3 pillars 16 actions 18 months
  7. 7. Digital Single Market 7 Better access for consumers and businesses to goods and services across Europe Unlocking the e-commerce potential 15 % of consumers bought online from other EU countries in 2014, while 44% did so domestically. EU consumers could save €11.7 billion each year if they could choose from a full range of EU goods and services when shopping online. • Small online businesses wishing to trade in another EU country face around €9,000 extra costs for having to adapt to national laws.
  8. 8. Digital Single Market 8 Geo-blocking
  9. 9. Digital Single Market 9 Modernising copyright 1 in 3 Europeans is interested in watching or listening to content from their home country when abroad 1 in 5 Europeans is interested in watching or listening to content from other EU countries
  10. 10. Digital Single Market 10 Shaping the right environment for digital networks and services to flourish Strong European data protection rules to boost the digital economy 72% of Internet users in Europe still worry that they are being asked for too much personal data online
  11. 11. Digital Single Market 11 Creating a European Digital Economy and society with growth potential Big data and cloud Digital data stored in cloud: 2013: 20% - 2020: 40% The use of big data by the top 100 EU manufacturers could lead to savings worth €425 billion
  12. 12. Digital Single Market 12 Innovation Europe as an innovation actor Finding the balance between innovation promotion and rules Regulations for new business models Main objectives for Member States Data protection for consumers and cyber- security Digital infrastructure Boosting e-commerce Improving access and connectivity Improving innovation
  13. 13. Digital Single Market 13 Timing
  14. 14. Digital Single Market 14 market/index_en.htm market @DigitalAgendaEU #DigitalSingleMarket Digital Agenda for Europe Gracias por su atención