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4 atec security

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4 atec security

  1. 1. Security  Technology     Empowering  Financial  Inclusion   WENBIAO  ZHAO     ANT  FINANCIAL  SERVICES  GROUP   SENIOR  DIRECTOR      
  2. 2. QR  Code  Based  Mobile  Payment  in  China     Lower  User  Barrier   Easier  Acceptance   VS   VS   Mobile  payment  is  the  most  popular  way  to  pay  in  China  
  3. 3. We  Make  Mobile  Payment  More  Secure   99.99 %   Digital  Identity  Risk  Brain   Data  Protection  and  Privacy   Fraud  Loss  Rate  <  0.01  BPs     Biometric     identification     ID  Auth     Standard    AlphaRisk   Real-time     Analysis   Data  Security     Infrastructure      Anomaly  Data     Access  Detection  
  4. 4. Risk  Brain  01  
  5. 5. AlphaRisk  is  the  AI-Driven  Risk  Brain   Automated  0  human  intervention   self-Learning  Engine  refitted  within  1  day   Precise    Loss  rate  <  0.01  BP   High-performance    Process  500K  trx/  sec   Adaptable  Response  to  risk  within  1  second            Evolution     Auto  Risk  Model  Update:   T+0  auto  refit  online  models,  timely   respond  to  dynamic  patterns                Perception     Perceive  Customer  Behaviors:   Real-time  perception  &  alert  to  risk   attack  and  dark  network            AI  Detect         Assess  Payment  Risk:   Millsecond  risk  detection  capability,   powered  by  machine  learning                AutoPilot     Auto  Risk  Strategy  Selection:     Well-applied  biometric  authentication   to  AI-recommended  user  
  6. 6. Evolution  in  Online  Model  Automation   Yesterday   Today   Tomorrow   Deep  Learning   Lots  of  Data   Only  the  Rich   Reinforcement  Learning   Lots  of  Data   Only  the  Rich   Transfer  Learning   Few  Data   Everyone   The  Future  of  Machine  Learning   Transfer  Learning  (TL)   LHD(Mainland)     RHD(HK)     The  ability  of  a  system  to   recognize  and  apply  knowledge   and  skills  learned  in  previous  tasks   to  novel  tasks  (in  new  domains)   Domain  Adaptation Coverage  increased  by  26%   Cold  Start   Model  learned  2  months  in  advance   ModelAuto-Update ModelPerformanceEvaluation Online  Model  Automation   Massive  Data  &  Meaning  Feature  &  Running  Model                    from  a  relevant  domain     26%  increase    in  recall   Model Self Learning Transfer  Learning   DNN GBDT Ensemble … …
  7. 7. 1  Week:Customize     Default  Strategies              1  Day:Cold  Start   1  Month:Auto  Refit   Transfer  Learning             Strategies  Refit  &  Retrain             Application  of  AlphaRisk  to  Business  Partners   Advanced  and  replicable  capabilities  help  world-wide  business  partners  prosper   Ant  Financial     Eco-System  
  8. 8. Digital  Identity  02  
  9. 9. Diversity  of  Digital  Identity  Authentication   Touch ID Voice ID Face ID Bank cards SMS What You HaveWho You Are What You Know Personal information Online shopping Public transportation Government services Retail payments Chip   OS   Mobile  IFAA    600M  Users            700M  Devices    36  Mobile  Brands   Sensor  
  10. 10. Facial   Recognition   Liveness  Detection   Dual  Authentication:   Face  +  Eyeprint   99.9%  Anti-Spoofing   Anti  Spoofing  (video  modeling  etc)     Security 99.7%  Accuracy       False  Positive  <  0.01  bp     ZOLOZ  Biometric  Identification   Account  Registration  eKYC Facial  Recognition  Payment   Facial  Recognition  Login Financial  Grade  Face  Authentication   Precision
  11. 11. Technology-driven  social  impact  makes  world  a  better  place  
  12. 12. Data  Protection  and  Privacy  03  
  13. 13. End-to-end  Data  Security Management   Bob  is  crawling   sensitive  data   2017.7.10   9:00  AM   Anomaly  behavior   detected  by  Crawling   Detection  Model   2017.7.10   9:01  AM   Investigation   &  Interview   2017.7.10   9:10  AM         Page  View   7.6     2.3   0.9       Operation  Time     Concentration   Behavior     Deviation           Staff  Risk  Profile   “Who  They  Are”       Behavior  Analysis   “What  They  Do”   Data  Asset  Management   “How  They  Access”   Data  Collection   Data  Storage   Data  Usage   Data  Sharing   Data  Export  
  14. 14. Risk  +  04  
  15. 15. RISK+   Risk  Brain   Data  Protection  and  Privacy   Digital  Identity   Financial  Inclusion   1000+  Partners   100+  million  Requests   Security  technology  drives  the     growth  of  new  finance  eco-system   Risk+  Empowers  Financial  Inclusion