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2016 volkswagen tiguan press release

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2016 volkswagen tiguan press release

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2016 volkswagen tiguan press release

  1. 1. EMBARGOED UNTIL: 10 AM EST, SEPTEMBER 14th CONTACT: Mark Gillies 703-364-7104 VOLKSWAGEN REVEALS ALL-NEW EUROPEAN TIGUAN AT THE FRANKFURT INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW Based off the MQB platform, the new Tiguan revolutionizes the compact SUV • Powerful, authentic SUV design of the new Tiguan was completely reconfigured • Tiguan is the first Volkswagen Group SUV to be based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB) • Longer, wider, lower – new vehicle architecture enables sportier proportions • Tiguan makes its debut at the IAA in an R-Line® version, a classic on-road version and a version with an off-road front end • Front Assist with City Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Monitoring, active hood, Lane Assist and the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System are fitted as standard • 520 litres of cargo capacity (additional 50 litres) and considerably more space in the rear thanks to longer wheelbase • Broader range of power (92 kW / 125 PS to 176 kW / 240 PS) and up to 24 per cent better fuel economy • Arrives on the market in April 2016 • Volkswagen is also showing the Tiguan GTE concept inFrankfurt with a plug-in hybrid drive and 1.9 litre per 100 km fuel consumption • Newly conceptualised solar roof module for the Tiguan GTEincreases its electric driving range Media Information VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive Herndon, Virginia 20171 @VWNews
  2. 2. Wolfsburg/Frankfurt,September2015—Aftersellingover 2.64millionofthe first generationTiguanSUV, Volkswagenisshowingthe newlydevelopedEuropeanTiguanatthe Frankfurt International Motor Show. In thiscase, "new"means completely new, arevolutioninstead of anevolution. The second generationTiguanis the firstVolkswagenGroupSUVwhose designis basedoff the forward-lookingMQB platform. On-road,off-roadandplug-inhybrid Volkswagenisshowingfour versions ofthe new Tiguansimultaneously at Frankfurt. The production versions are the verysportyTiguan R-Line®,the classic on-road model and aspecial off-roadversion. Meanwhile,the TiguanGTEconcept vehiclethat has a160 kW/218 PS plug-inhybriddrivetrainshows how the best-selling compact SUV couldfurther develop. The TiguanGTE is equippedwithasolar module that generates renewable electricitythat is fed into the battery, enablingupto1,000 additional kilometres ofzero emissions electric driving. A-SUVsegmentisbooming AccordingtoVolkswagenforecasts,the A-SUV segmentwill increase its global sales from8.17 milliontodayto morethan8.93millionunits by2018,whichrepresents 9per cent growth. The new Tiguan is optimally tailoredforthe requirements inthis marketsegment.Perfectlythought out fromthe first tothe last millimetre, it appeals tomillions ofcar drivers andtheir families as aspacious andflexible companion fortheir everydaybusiness andpersonal lives –anall-round vehicle of anew era. The first generationTiguanlaunchedatthe endof2007andto date,more than2.64millionunits have been produced. Eventhoughthe next generation is readyto take over,Volkswagenearned first place in SUV new vehicle registrations inGermany once again in July2015– just as it did inthe previousmonths andyears. The general trendof rapidgrowth inthe A-SUVsegment is reflectedpar excellence inthis model series. In2014, morethan500,000 Tiguanswere produced,whichwas9 percent morethan inthe prior year. Productoffensive–VolkswagenSUVsinallclasses For Volkswagen,the new Tiguanmarks the beginningofan SUV product offensive. Inupcoming years,the brandwill be launching other innovative SUVs that are tailored to specific markets inawide variety of segments worldwide. Volkswagenwillbe extendingtherange of SUV vehicles it offers,especially inthe U.S. Forecasts indicate that the SUVsharewill also increasesignificantlyinChina andthat additional SUV growth will also occur in Europe. Unlike in Europe,drivers intheU.S. and Chinaprefer versionswithalonger wheelbase,whichisthe reasonthe new Tiguanwas systematicallydevelopedfor twodifferent wheelbases fromthestart. The "long"Tiguanwill be introducedto specificmarketsstartinginthe Fall of2016. "TheCompactSUV." The MQB architecture improves all aspects ofthe Tiguan. The proportions ofthe latest VolkswagenSUV are even sportier,the designis trulycharismatic, andthe vehicle'sweight was reducedbymorethan110 pounds comparedto the previous model. A gigantic leap forwardhas beenmade interms of the vehicle's interior and trunkspace:thecapacityofthe trunkhas increasedby1.8 cubic feet,to18.4 cu ft,andthe load spacecanbe enlargedto 21.8cu ft byslidingthe rear benchseat forward, byupto7.1 inches. Whenthe rearseat is folded, thecargo capacity is 58.5cuft, againof5.1 cu ft.
  3. 3. The engines are more efficient aswell. A broadrange ofeight engines are offered,ranging inoutput from 92 kW /125 PSto 176 kW /240 PS. The engines aremore powerful,yet theyare upto24 per cent more fuel- efficient thanthe Euro5 engines inthe previousmodel. The new4MOTION® Active Controlsystem alsomakes it easierthanever toadapt the all-wheel driveto all possible conditions. The Tiguanisnow designedtotow loads upto5,512 pounds. The new Tiguanhas class leadingconnectivityanddriverassistance features. Theassistancesystems include standardFront Assist withCityEmergencyBraking andPedestrianMonitoring,Lane Assist andAutomatic Post-CollisionBrakingSystem. Connectivityservices include automatic accident notification,onlinetraffic and parkingspace information,and avehicle status report,while App-Connect integrates all currentsmartphone platforms withthe infotainmentsystem. The result is aTiguanwhichextensivelyredefinestheA-SUVsegment. It’s anSUV that satisfies all expectations – bothon-roadandoff-road. Safetyplus New features includeapyrotechnicallyactivatedmechanism –similar to anairbag– integratedinthe hood. This mechanism raisesthe hood as soonas apersoncomes into contactwith it inacrash. This increasesthe gap betweenthe hard engine andthe relativelysoft bonnet andtherebyreducestheintensityofdangerous head injuries. Amongthe new Tiguan’s safetyfeatures, are the AutomaticPost-CollisionBrakingSystem,the Front Assist ambient monitoringsystem including CityEmergencyBraking and –anew feature –PedestrianMonitoring as standard. If the radar-basedFrontAssist ofthe Tiguandetects apersonwalking intothe road,thesystem warns the driver. Inasecondstep, it brakes thecar. The new Tiguan is also equippedwithLane Assist as standard. This camera-basedassistancesystemwarns and automaticallycountersteers ifthe driver beginsto unintentionallydepart from the drivinglanewithout activating aturn indicator. Exteriordesign The new, larger dimensionsand proportions elevate the Tiguanfrom the previousmodel. At176.6 inches in length,the newmodel is 2.4in longer, anditswheelbase has beenincreased by3.0 into 105.6 in. The new vehicle is 72.4 in wide,whichis1.2 inmore thanbefore. Meanwhile,its height was reducedby1.3 into 64.3 in onthe base,front-wheel-drive model. Thecoefficient ofdrag ofthe new Tiguanwasreducedto0.31 as well, thanksto numerous aerodynamic improvements,suchasthe door mirrorsthatwere perfected inwindtunnel testing andairflowsimulations:this has resulted ina40 per cent reduction inoverall air draglosses onthe body. The front endofthe new Tiguan has asignificantlywiderstance. This is attributable to an actual increase in physicalwidth plusthe visual effect ofthe horizontallyalignedradiator grille and headlights. The Tiguanisthe first VolkswagenSUV to be equippedwithdual LED headlights. Above the headlights,a chrome stripruns acrossthe front ofthecar. Above the radiator grille andthe headlights,the V-shapedhoodshoots toward the windshield.
  4. 4. The vehicle's side profile is extremely distinctive. Thewaistline is highercomparedwiththe previous model, whichemphasises the SUV style. The character line is also higher andextends over the entiresilhouette. The door handles are seamlesslypositionedinthis line.Beneaththe upper line, ahorizontal surface follows as a break, andthenthere is the secondcharacterline. Designerstalk of a"line dialogue" here. The lower of these lines emphasizes the flared,powerful lookingwheelarches andthe shoulder section. In contrast to the previousmodel,the area above the character line is a flatter andhas a more elegant bandof sidewindows. This band extends into the dynamicallyangledD-pillars. The lowestsection of the body is an anthracite-coloured areathat wraps around the vehicle; the same colour is used for the rugged plastictrim aroundthewheelarches. Achrome trim stripseparates the bodycoloursurfaces andthe anthracitecladding. This chrome accent iscontinuedatthe rear. The lateralcharacter line becomes a defining rear element above the rear lights. The line defines the upper border ofthe standard LED rear lights that have asharp horizontalcut. This cut is continued as aline between the rear lights andforms atrailing edgethat is importantaerodynamically. The tailgate openingwas increased comparedto the previous model,too. The lower part ofthe tail features ananthracite-coloured area andan aluminium-lookdiffuser that is integratedwiththechrome-platedtrapezoidal exhaust tailpipes. Interior The completelyredesigned interior ofthe Tiguanhas adecidedlysportyyet typicallySUVcharacter. The central elements arethe instrument cluster (availableasthe digital Active Info Display) andthe infotainment systemthat is positioned high inthe centre stackand angledtowardthe driver. The dashpanel and centre console form asingle unit. The centre console itselfis dominatedby anarrayof buttons that are laidout aroundthe gear lever.As onthe exterior,the designers also systematicallyappliedthe "form follows function" principle andcreate acockpit style atmosphere. The designers also emphasisedthe SUV nature of the interior in their choice ofsurface textures. Thanks to clever packaging,seatingspace has beensignificantlyimproved inthe new Tiguan,whichhas1.0 in more interior length. Three passengers inthe rear seatingarea, for instance,have1.1 inmore knee room. The size ofthe luggage compartment has also increased.At18.4 cubic feet,thecargocapacityofthe newmodel has increased by1.8cu ft (with five persons on-board). Inaddition,the rear benchseat is asymmetricallysplit and adjustable longitudinally. The reclining angle ofthe seat backrestcan also be adjusted. The cargo areacan be enlargedto 21.8cu ft bysliding the rear benchseat forward(byupto7.1 inches). Whenthe rear bench is folded,this results in avolume of58.5 cu ft. If necessary, the backrest of the front passenger seat canbe foldedfully forwardfor stowing verylong items. Last but not least,it is now eveneasier to loadthe Tiguan, because the loadsill has been lowered further. Anelectronicmarvel The new Tiguanis one of theworld'smost advancedcompact SUVs,featuring animpressive arrayof innovations. First,there are technologies like the12.3-inch Active Info display(interactive, fullydigital main instruments withfive informationprofiles) andthe head-updisplaythat is beingoffered for the first time in a
  5. 5. VolkswagenSUV. Second,the vehicle's safety,convenience andconnectivityhave beentakento anew level by an arrayof driverassistance and infotainmentsystems. Eventhe base Trendlinemodel has a number of advancedstandard features. These include Front Assist that features CityEmergencyBraking andPedestrianMonitoring as well as the active hood and the Lane Assist lane departurewarningsystem. In addition,thesafetyequipment iscompletedbyanetworkofsevenairbags, including aknee airbagonthe driver's side, andthe Automatic Post-CollisionBrakingSystem; it helpsto avoid secondarycollisions. Comfortlinemid-leveltrims have the Driver Alert System asstandard. The topHighlinetrim is alsoequippedwith adaptivecruise control (ACC),whichutilizes radarto accelerate or brake the Tiguan andthus always maintainthecorrect distancetotraffic ahead. Ifthe SUV is equippedwith DSG® inadditiontoACC, it automatically handles stop-and-go traffic aswell (traffic jam assist). Other Tiguan driver assistance systems includethe optional Side Assist (lane-changingassistant),Pre-Crashproactive occupant protection(detects elevatedcollisionpotential,tensions the front seatbelts to preventivelyrestrain the driver andfront passenger andcloses openwindows andthe sunroofto just asmall gap),Emergency Assist (recognises ifthe driver is no longer responsive andbrakesthe carto astop) andAreaView(360 degree all-roundviewusingfourcameras that is especiallyuseful off-road). Comfortandconvenience The new Tiguan has anewthree-zone automatic climate control system,calledPureAir Climatronic®. The technology,whichis uniqueandso far onlyusedbyVolkswagen,keeps air qualityat aconsistentlyhighlevel thanksto its air qualitysensor and active biogenic filter,preventing pollutants from enteringthecar– from moldsporesto allergens. Fullyredesigned seats haveoptional electric adjustment,while the available Smart Comfort Seats automaticallytravel downward andbackto make it easier to enter andexit the vehicle whenthe ignition is turned off. Inaddition,the new ergoActive seat includes electric 4-waylumbar support andmassage function. Makingtrips long andshortevenmore pleasant,the Tiguan has one of the largest panoramic sunroofs in the class (34.3 by 53.7 inches),which also features integratedambient lighting. Other new comfort and convenience features include EasyOpen/ EasyClose (automatic openingorclosingof the tailgate inresponse to aspecific footmovementbehindthe Tiguan),aheatable steeringwheel, andVolkswagen’s variable ratio electromechanical progressive steering. Infotainmentandconnectivity The Trendline trim is equippedwiththe CompositionTouch radiosystem(5.0-inchmonochrome touchscreen) as standard. The TiguanComfortlineandHighline get the Composition Colour radio system (5.0-inchcolour touchscreen) at no extracharge. The Composition Mediaradio system (8.0-inchcolour touchscreen) is also available. Other options are the Discover MediaandDiscover Pro radio-navigationsystems (bothhave8.0-inch displays).All of these systems are part ofthesecondgenerationmodular infotainmentmatrix (MIB II). MIB IIcreatesseamlessconnectivitywithtoday'sApple andAndroidsmartphones viaAppConnect. Inaddition to MirrorLink®,App Connect also integratesApple CarPlay® andGoogle AndroidAuto™ into the infotainment
  6. 6. systems. The Media ControlappmakesVolkswagenone of the first automakersto also offer aninterfaceto the infotainmentsystem for tablets. Volkswagen also offers anumber ofonlineservices. Guide & Inform lets users access servicessuchas latesttrafficwarnings, information on available parkingspaces innearbycar parks (number ofspaces andaddress) andinformationon fillingstations (fuel prices and addresses). Forthe first time,Volkswagenis also offering Security& Service,whichcanbeusedto request assistance from the vehicle viaacallcentre. Some ofthe features integratedhere are online roadservicecall, automatic accident notification,service scheduling (to arrange maintenanceappointments for the Tiguanwiththe service centre) and requestingthe vehicle status report. Dependingonthe package that isselected,itmay also be possibleto use asmartphoneto request vehiclestatus or parkinglocationor activate the parkingheater function. The smartphone itselfcan be placedconveniently in anewlydesignedand innovativeinterface box. The highlight here is that the phone canbe charged andcoupledto the vehicle's outside antennainductively. Powertrains There are atotal ofeight Euro-6compliant engines, all ofwhich have turbocharging,direct injection,astop- startsystem andbatteryregeneration as standard. The four TSI® gasoline engines produce 92 kW /125 PS, 110 kW /150 PS,132 kW /180PS and162 kW /220PS.The four TDI® diesel engines produce85 kW /115 PS,110 kW /150 PS,140 kW /190 PSand176 kW /240 PS. The base engines ofthe new Tiguanare launched with front-wheel drive, but all ofthe other engines are available withall-wheel drive either as an optionor as standard. Comparedtothe previous modelwithEuro-5 engines,the four-cylinder engines inthe new Tiguan are upto24 per cent more fuel-efficient. Comparedto previous TiguanswithEuro-6engines,there is up to10 percent better fuel efficiency. Not onlyarethe enginesmore efficient,theyare also more powerful. The highest poweredTSI engine previouslymade150 PSinEurope,but now has two2.0-litre engineswith180 and220 PS.Withthe diesel engines,themost powerful TDIusedto make184PS. This engine now makes190PS, butthetopengine is the newlyengineered240-PS unit withtwinturbos charging and2,500 bar ofinjection pressure. With88 kW / 120PS per litre of displacement,the 2.0 TDIhas one ofthe highest specific power outputs inthe A-SUV segment. 4MOTIONall-wheeldrive Volkswagenoffersthe highly efficient 4MOTIONall-wheel drive system inthe new Tiguan,either as anoption or as standard,dependingonthe chosen engine. Groundclearance of all Tiguan4MOTIONversions is0.4 inches higher,at7.9 inches. In addition,the Tiguancanbe orderedwithaspecial off-road front end package that allows for anapproachangle is 25.6 instead of18.3degrees. The departure angle at the rear is 24.7 degrees for all versions,as isthe rampangle. Speciallydevelopedforthe new Tiguan is 4MOTIONActive Control –anoff-roadswitchwithfour different modes. Regardless ofwhether the vehicle has anon-roador off-road front enddesign,the new Tiguan is engineered for towingmorethan5,500 pounds. The 4MOTIONall-wheel drive systemuses afifth-generationHaldex®couplingthat activelydistributestorque to all fourwheels before slipoccurs. Innormal driving,only the front wheels are driven, savingfuel. But as soon as there is ariskoflosing traction,the rear axle is variablyengagedwithinfractions ofa second.Alongwiththe
  7. 7. Haldexcoupling,the electronic differential locks (EDS) integrated inthe electronic stabilitycontrol(ESC) system act as atransverse lock for all fourwheels. The rotary/pushbuttonswitch forthe new4MOTIONActive Control is located onthecentre console. The driver uses it to activate fourhigher-level modes andvarious popupmenus. Whenthe driverturnstheswitch to the left, one ofthe Onroad or Snow profilescan be activatedfor on-roaddriving. Whenthe driver pushes theswitch in one ofthese modes,apopup menu appears on the infotainmentsystem’s touchscreen,showing the drivingprofile selectionwithfive profiles. Whenthe switchisturned to the right,the driver canselect one ofthetwo off-roadprofiles:Offroad(automatic settingof off-roadparameters) orOffroad Individual (variable settings).Heretoo,pressingtheswitchopens anothermenu level. Whendrivingoff-road,4MOTIONActive Control lets driversswitchthe assistance systems injust seconds. Trimlinesandpackages The new Tiguanwill be available inthe Trendline, Comfortline andHighline equipment lines inEurope. All versionsmay be orderedwith anoff-roadfrontend as an alternative. The TiguanComfortline andTiguan Highline feature asportylook withthe 'normal' front end. The new R-Line packagesmake the SUV lookeven more dynamic. The Comfortline andHighline mayalso be orderedwiththe Design package or inthe Exclusive equipment specification. The R-Line packages canbeorderedas either atotal package of exterior and interior features or an alternative exterior package. Onthe exterior,the R-Line features "Sebring"19-inch aluminium-alloywheels or optional 20-inch "Suzuka" alloys. Previously, Tiguans couldonlyhave rims upto 19 inches indiameter. Except forthewheelarches,all other anthracite bodysurfaces are painted in bodycolour, includingthe exclusive doortrimswhich have thesame visual effect as side sill extensions. The exterior designis finished by R-Line bumpers that have gloss blackaerodynamic accents,atwo-tone roofspoiler and agloss blackrear diffuser. The interior features R-Lineseats (clothandmicrofiberseatupholstery,optional "Vienna" leather upholstery), aluminium doorsill guardswiththe R-Line logo thatcan be optionally illuminated, decorative stitchingin Crystal Grey,special trim accents,stainlesssteelpedal caps andfootrest,black headliner anda leather-trimmedmultifunction steeringwheel withthe R-Line logo.
  8. 8. Plug-inhybridconcept—withasolarroof! Wolfsburg/Frankfurt,September2015—Demonstratingthe future directions the Tiguanmight take is the Tiguan GTE –the first plug-in hybridSUV fromVolkswagen,whichthe brand is showing at the IAA. This Volkswagen,whichis beingpresentedas aconcept vehicle, develops asystem powerof160 kW /218 PSand cancover a distance of upto 50 km in "E-Mode"drivingas anall-electric zero-emission vehicle. Its average fuel consumption (combined) is amere1.9 l/100 km; this equates to aCO2 emissions figure of42 g/km. The relativelylongelectric driving range not onlybenefits from the externallychargeable lithium-ionbatterywith an energycapacityof13.0 kWh, but also from asolar modulethat is integrated intheroof –aworldexclusive. Under idealconditions,the energythat it generates annually issufficientto addupto 1,000 km ofdriving range (Germany500 km,SouthernEurope800to 1,000 km),depending onthe regional solar radiation power. TSIplusEplusDSG The conceptcar is drivenviaits front axle byadirect-injectionturbochargedpetrol engine (1.4 TSIwith115 kW) and anelectric motor. The lithium-ionhigh-voltagebatterysuppliesthe electric motorwithenergy. The TiguanGTEoperates witha6-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) that wasspecially developedfor hybriduse. The electricmotorwas integratedinto the gearbox housing. Additional components of the hybriddrive include the power electronics (converts DCpower fromthe batteryto ACpower for the electric motor) andacharger. The TiguanGTEcan be driven inthe describedE-Mode or inone ofthe three othermodesHybrid,Battery Charge, or GTE. After startingthe drivesystem,the concept vehicle automaticallydrives off in"E-Mode". When a minimumcharge level of the batteryhas been reachedor whenthere is veryhighdemandfor power,the drive system automaticallyswitches over tothe "Hybrid"mode. Thismeans that "E-Mode" is deactivated,and the Tiguan GTE now behaves like aclassic full hybrid vehicle. It charges the batteryregenerativelyduring deceleration and automaticallyusesthe TSIand/or electric motor accordingto the drivingsituation. By pressingthe "E-Mode"button, the drivercanmanuallyswitchto zero-emissions operationif necessary. Exclusivelydriven byelectric motor,the Tiguanthenhas atopspeedof130 km/h. GTEmodeasboostfunction The driver presses the GTE buttonto switchto GTEmode, whichactivates the sportyside oftheconcept car. This GTEmode is an exclusive feature ofall Volkswagen vehicleswithaplug-in hybriddrive system. The characteristics ofthe accelerator pedal,gearbox andsteering aremade noticeablymore dynamic, andthe tuning ofthe TSIismore performance oriented. Inaddition, inthe GTEmode the TSIand electric motorwork together inwhat is known as "boosting"whichmakes the full system power and the maximum system torque available. The TiguanGTEthen has atopspeed of200 km/hand acceleratesto 100km/h inashort 8.1 seconds.
  9. 9. AboutVolkswagenofAmerica,Inc. Founded in1955,Volkswagen ofAmerica, Inc.,an operatingunit ofVolkswagenGroupofAmerica, Inc. (VWoA) is headquartered inHerndon,Virginia. It is asubsidiary of VolkswagenAG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. VWoA’s operations inthe UnitedStates include researchand development, parts and vehicle processing,parts distributioncenters,sales,marketingandservice offices,financial servicecenters,and itsstate -of-the- art manufacturingfacilityin Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Volkswagen Groupis one ofthe world's largest producers ofpassenger cars and Europe'slargest automaker. VWoAsells the Beetle,Beetle Convertible,CC, Eos,e-Golf,Golf, GolfGTI, Golf R,Golf SportWagen,Jetta,Passat,Tiguan andTouaregvehicles throughapproximately652 independentU.S. dealers.Visit VolkswagenofAmerica online at or media.vw.comto learnmore. Notes: This press release andimages ofthe TiguanandTiguanGTEconcept are available Follow us @VWNews “4MOTION”,“Climatronic”,“DSG”,“TDI”,“TSI”,“VW”,“Volkswagen”, allmodelnames andtheVolkswagen logo are registeredtrademarks of VolkswagenAG. “CarPlay” is a registeredtrademarkofApple Inc. “MirrorLink” is aregisteredtrademarkofthe Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. “Android Auto” is atrademark of Google Inc. “Haldex” is aregisteredtrademarkofHaldex TractionSystems,Sweden. All other trademarks are the propertyof their respective owners. Wherestated, fuel economyvalues are manufacturer estimates. Actual mileagewill vary anddepends on several factors includingdriving habits andvehiclecondition. Always paycareful attentionto the road, and do not drive while distracted. App-Connect features require compatible device,operatingsystem,andmobile apps. Standardtext and datausagerates apply. Seemobile app provider for terms andprivacy.