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  1. 1. Tonight
  2. 2. Tonight To discuss how your personal brand can be a strategic business asset. Our Goal
  3. 3. Tonight
  4. 4. My Brand
  5. 5. My Brand
  6. 6. My Brand chrissedlak At chrissedlak, we celebrate the independence of our originality. We are the catalyst of change that ignites passion and inspiration. We take the journey seriously, not ourselves. We hold ourselves to our own standards and we share our passion with others. We just happen to create great brands.
  7. 7. My Brand Our Vision Our Mission To never dread a Monday morning. At chrissedlak, we believe that success is measured by the positive energy we create in the world. Our mission is to have a positive impact on at least one person’s life, everyday.
  8. 8. Building Your Brand
  9. 9. Building Your Brand Evolution of Competition Patent ***Marty Neumeier – “Innovation Workshop”
  10. 10. Building Your Brand How I define ‘brand’… The emotional connection that people have with you or your company. Age of Identity Age of Value Age of You Logo Differentiation Identification Business Assets Business Strategy “Investment” Consistency Innovation Necessity
  11. 11. Expert vs. Authority Building Your Brand Expert Authority Your Goal Someone who knows a lot about something. Someone people listen to when they speak. To establish and position yourself as an authority in your industry. Value Go-To Trust
  12. 12. Implementation • Importance • Business Card • LinkedIn • Resume • Website Strategy • Ionic Elements • Perceptions • Performance • Positioning • Relationships Building Your Brand vs
  13. 13. Implementation Strategy Building Your Brand with Ionic Branding Strategy Actions Appearance Perceptions Performance Positioning Authenticity Marketing Communication “Your Brand’s Genetic Code”
  14. 14. Innovative Ideas Building Your Brand Your Brand Public Speaking Interactive Marketing Tools Professional Website & Blog Social & Digital Presence
  15. 15. Career Implications Building Your Brand Promotions Industry Authority Stronger Reputation
  16. 16. Building Your Brand Brand Health Evaluation Brand Strategy Brand Identity Brand Management Brand Experience Brand Evolution
  17. 17. Building Your Brand Brand Health EvaluationBrand Strategy Brand Identity Brand Management Brand Experience 85 70 80 80 21.25 17.5 20 20 78.75 Points WA Score
  18. 18. Brand Truths
  19. 19. Brand Truths
  20. 20. Brand Truth Pyramid 24 6 5 8 10 The Foundation of a Great Brand Brand Truth #2 Brand Truth #4 Brand Truth #6 Brand Truth #5 Brand Truth #8 Brand Truth #10
  21. 21. Brand Truth #2 Foundation Your Brand “Fight for a cause” Stand out Be inspired Passionate fan base Know why you exist
  22. 22. Brand Truth #4 Foundation Your Brand “Does this add value” Make it happen Be the best version of you Project confidence Attract new opportunities
  23. 23. Brand Truth #6 Foundation Your Brand Most important element Have a promise Always deliver Power of ‘word-of-mouth’ Foundation of trust
  24. 24. Brand Truth #5 Support Your Brand In line with your brand? Actions = perceptions Good people Positive energy Associations matter
  25. 25. Brand Truth #8 Support Your Brand Your brand is your swag Go confidently Be worth talking about Challenge the status quo Be YOU
  26. 26. Brand Truth #10 Objective Your Brand Better is ‘lazy’ Be the ‘only’ Wealth of information Poverty of attention New barrier to competition
  27. 27. Redefine Your Line
  28. 28. Redefine Your Line Core Capabilities Market Attractiveness
  29. 29. Redefine Your Line Strategy Clarity Consistency Confidence Your Brand Inspired Innovative Original Enhanced Market Attractiveness
  30. 30. Redefine Your Line
  31. 31. Summary
  32. 32. Summary 2 1 3 4 5 6 Six Steps To Build Your Brand Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? Create your web of associations. Develop your personal vision & mission statements. Establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Solidify your brand truth pyramid. Redefine your line.
  33. 33. Summary “The impossible yesterday is routine today. Wait until tomorrow.” - Sir Ken Robinson
  34. 34. Thank You
  35. 35. Thank You Blog: Email: Website: Instagram: chris_sedlak Twitter: @ChrisSedlak Project Big Picture: #brandtruths #redefineyourline #projectbigpicture Keep In Touch