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Flu Prevention and Self-Care at UNH

Information on preventing and taking care of yourself if you get a flu/cold.

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Flu Prevention and Self-Care at UNH

  1. 1. Preventing Flu and Colds Health Services University of New Hampshire
  2. 2. Be a Germ Fighter DON’T SHARE WASH YOUR HANDS – OFTENDon’t share towels, eating utensils, You can pick up germs/viruses by toothbrushes, drinking glasses or shaking hands, touchingother items that may spread germs. doorknobs, phones, computers, ATM S, etc. Even if someone is not sick at thetime of sharing, he/she may still be Wash your hands with soap and contagious for flu or cold. water or with an alcohol-based (at least 60%) hand gel.
  3. 3. Be a Germ FighterCOVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE DISPOSE Sneeze/cough into your elbow or Throw your dirty tissues in the shoulder or cover your mouth and trash. nose with a tissue. Keep Your Distance! Try to avoid close contact with people who are sick!
  4. 4. Feeling Sick? Is it a cold or flu? SYMPTOMS COLD FLU Fever Rare Usual – high (100.4 to 102 degrees F) is typical, lasts 3-4 days Headache Rare Common Aches, Pains Slight Usual – often severe and suddenNausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea Never Sometimes Fatigue, Weakness Sometimes Usual – can last up to 2-3 weeks Extreme Exhaustion Never Usual – at the beginning of illness Stuffy Nose Common Sometimes Sneezing Usual Sometimes Sore Throat Common Sometimes Chest Discomfort/Cough Mild to moderate/hacking cough Common/can become severe
  5. 5. FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMSFever (greater than 100 F)Sore throat and/or coughRunny or stuffy noseChillsFatigueHeadachesBody achesYou may possibly alsoexperience diarrhea andvomiting.
  6. 6. The flu is caused by a virus that cannot be treated with antibiotics and in most cases, antiviral medication is usually not advised. Recommended treatment for the flu is good self-care and symptom relief.
  7. 7. Self-Care Tips GARGLE WITH SALT STAY HOME, IF YOU ARE SICKSalt helps relieve sore throat pain. You should not go to classes, work orAdd 1 tsp. salt to 8 oz. warm water. participate in social activities. Let your RA and Professors know that you are ill.
  8. 8. Self-Care Tips SLEEP, REST and HYDRATE EAT WELL Get plenty of sleep and rest. Students who are ill or unable to leave their residence hall should When you’re awake drink one 8 oz. contact their RA to coordinate a glass of clear fluids each hour. We takeout meal with Dining Services.suggest water, broth or sports drinks.
  9. 9. Self-Care Tips STEAM SOUPIncrease humidity in your living space Vegetable or chicken soup helps with a vaporizer/humidifier. boost your immune system. Steam from a hot shower will also help you breathe easier.
  10. 10. Self-Care TipsNON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS COUGH DROPS/THROAT LOZENGES You may lower your fever and help Take as needed for pain relief. relieve head/body aches with Acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol), a non- Visit the Health Services Pharmacy aspirin pain reliever. for discounted non-prescription medications! Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, Nuprin) may help with pain relief, fever, body/muscle aches and
  11. 11. When to call Health ServicesIn most cases, it is not necessary to come to Health Services.Those students who SHOULD seek care are students with CHRONIC MEDICALconditions and students who are experiencing the following SYMPTOMS:  Temperature of 101 degrees F or greater lasts longer than 4 days  Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath  Pain or pressure in chest or abdomen  Recurring dizziness  Confusion  Sever or persistent vomiting  Severe headache, rash or stiff neck  Any symptoms lasting longer than 5-7 days  Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever or worse cough  Anytime you are concerned about your symptoms If your symptoms get worse call Health Services at (603) 862-2856
  12. 12. Flu Vaccine Available! (while supplies last)Call (603) 862-2856 for anappointmentThe vaccine is available atNO charge for students whohave paid their mandatoryfees.In general, mandatory fees are paid by degreestudents enrolled for 5 or more credit hours.$25 for students who havenot paid their